Первые авторские работы учащихся 8 класса на английском языке:Jungle story

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Jungle story

Once upon a time there lived a little monkey on a tree. It was very funny. The monkey’s name was Linda. Linda was brown with big round ears and a long tail. But the monkey didn’t have friends. It was boring to live all alone. One day she jumped through the jungle and saw some yellow bananas. The monkey was very happy because she was very hungry. The lonely animal hugged them crying, but suddenly she saw a big green crocodile! He was hungry and didn’t have friends too. His name was Alex. Linda felt sorry for the crocodile. She decided to make friends with him. So she took a banana and went to the crocodile. They ate bananas and talked for a long time to each other. Linda and Alex were no longer lonely now. They became the best friends! They lived happily for many years in this jungle.

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