Первые авторские работы учащихся 8 класса на английском языке: The magic purse

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The magic purse 

   Long long ago, there leaved a boy in the small village. His name was Peter. Peter's family was very poor and they had nothing to eat. They lived in an old wooden house. The boy had parents and a small dog. It's name was Toffe. Peter and Toffe were great friends. One day, Peter and Toffe went to the shop. On the way to the shop, Peter found the purse. He took the purse. Peter opened it but there was no money there. There was a note which said: “If you say “Give me money”, the purse will give you 1000$”. Peter didn't believe for the first time, but later when he said “Give me money”, the purse gave him 1000$! Peter was very surprised and ran back home. Later he bought a big comfortable house, super car, and plane. Now Peter's family was happy.  





Владислав Голосеев, Татарстан, Агрыз, СОШ №3 


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