Первые авторские работы учащихся 8 класса на английском языке: Cats’ family.

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Cats’ family.

There lived a little kitten Barsik. He had a mother, a father and a sister. Barsik was very fond of his parents and his sister Masha. His mother worked as a teacher in a cooking school. The 2 big cats and their kittens lived in a small house near the river, where a lot of fish lived. The whole family loved to fish. Barsk and his father fished every day, and mother with Masha cooked different tasty dishes. The whole family liked to sit around the table eating, laughing and singing.

Barsik and Masha studied in a local Cats’ school. They got up early in the morning, washed and dressed. After that, they combed their hair. Then they had breakfast and went to school. They were very good pupils.


Ангелина Матвеева, Татарстан, Агрыз, СОШ №3

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